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Never experience another stockout—the Miller On Site team is here to keep your operation lean and mean.  Also check out Vending Solutions.

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Through ongoing inventory management, the dedicated Miller On Site team will work with you to establish minimum and maximum levels for MRO supplies. Then a inventory specialist will visit weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to replenish stock and keep your tool crib, storeroom or other point-of-use areas organized.

Miller On Site inventory management helps warehouse staff:

  • Control costs by establishing min/max reorder levels
  • Eliminate out-of-stock situations and downtime
  • Reduce internal stock procurement costs
  • Order any amount you need—no minimums
  • Know that we'll be there in an emergency, even after hours
  • Take advantage of custom pricing

In addition, your experienced Miller On Site specialist will contribute recommendations on streamlining processes to further enhance your bottom-line performance. Contact us today to request or schedule a free evaluation to see if you'll benefit from our inventory control services.  Learn more about our VENDING SOLUTIONS.