Join The Resistance (Now Hiring)

The Miller Manifesto On Work
We want to change how work is done. We are inspired by a group of thought leaders (list at the bottom) who have collectively proposed that work doesn’t have to suck.  Miller's internal whyor purpose, is to re-design work in such a way where our team achieves mastery, autonomy, and personal fulfillment. We recognize that the traditional bullshit that most of us have learned in status quo corporate environments prioritizes compliance over creativity and appearances over performance.  This traditional point-of-view is misaligned with the future, misaligned with creating outstanding customer outcomes, and misaligned with job satisfaction. We’re bold enough and most importantly, stupid enough, to think we can change decades of American "water-cooler-hamster-wheel-rat-race-time-to-make-donuts" work nonsense.  Here are a few of our beliefs... 

  • The purpose of work: A journey of self-discovery to find love in what you do (work to love, then love your work) 

  • Design work in such a way where you can use your work to get better at work (a path towards mastery) 

  • Individuals strive to create Human Magic—connecting their personal dreams to the work they do to serve customers 

  • Companies strivto be transformational—an organization that reunifies life—integrating work, play, learning, and inspiration

  • Leaders of the company must provide transparency of results, clarity of vision, financial support for continuous improvement, and an environment that encourages innovation

  • The best teams allow you to have both the pride of standing out and the comfort of belonging— simultaneously

  • Pivot from joy and possibilities, not constraints and fear

  • The best feedback holds you accountable to achievement, and yet removes guilt and shame

  • Personal growth is one infinite loop of lifetime continuous improvement— nothing beats that
  • Luck favors the prepared. Fortune favors the bold.  Be bold, be prepared

We know that not every company shares these beliefs, and in fact, most don’t.

So Why Should YOU Choose Us? 
Because you’re tired of looking around an organization and seeing managers with their feet on their desks sipping mai-tais

Because you’re tired of wondering why you’re smarter than everyone in your company and why they’re being paid more than you to keep doing stupid
Because you’re tired of not being inspired to do work that makes a difference, nor provided with the tools to do so
Because you’re tired of being in a job where you can’t learn, you can’t think, you can’t create, and you can’t fail
Because you have unfulfilled dreams and no one has figured out how to help you tap into them

Because you thrive in a culture of creativity and/or high performance

Because you simply want to build something better

(You should also know that our employment attorneys told us that you should choose us because “we offer competitive compensation and benefits, a harassment-free workplace, and we are an equal opportunity employer.”)

This is the hardest work there is to be done, and we believe the ends justify the means.  We’re at the beginning of our journey, and there’s never been a better time to join us.  We look forward to connecting with you!
How To Reach Us
We know that folks are always in various stages of considering new opportunities, with various levels of confidence about searching and fit.  So we have 3 email options that we've tailored to multiple preferences out there when job hunting:

If you have a general interest in learning more about our company, our culture, or what open positions we may have open now or in the future. Two promises: 1) we won’t sell you on working here. 2) we will sell you on working here. 

If you’re ready to go through the application process for a specific position. Even if we aren’t “currently hiring” for the position you want, we’re always interested in folks who think they can help us grow in some way, and/or are inspired by our approach. 

If you think you’re special good in a market full of average people. And you must also think Miller is a team full of buffoons if they haven’t already recognized what is so obviously superior about you upon first contact. 

Our Inspiration
We have no original thoughts when it comes to changing the game of work.  We’d be shameful bandits if we didn’t highlight our influences and thought leaders.  To the following, we owe a debt of gratitude in our mission to build really meaningful work: 

Simon Sinek – Start with Why 
Marcus Buckingham – Nine Lies About Work 
Dan Sullivan – Who Not How
Hubert Joly – The Heart of Business
Art Turock – Competent is Not an Option 
Lazlo Bock – Work Rules
Russell Ackoff – Re-Creating the Corporation 
Brene Brown – Daring Greatly