Miller Retail Experience

Our design-focus extends from online to offline at our retail warehouse in Elk Grove Village. Imagine if your local hardware store and Costco had a love child— and Willy Wonka was that child’s therapist (you can’t unsee that visual now) — you’d have the essence of what's "in-store" for you at Miller.  Aisles upon aisles of fasteners, cleaning supplies, PPE, tools, drill bits, paint and accessories, lubricants, abrasives, adhesives, and so much more! All immersed in a progressive, delightful space 15,000 sq ft and counting (and by “counting,” we mean we’re “counting” on you to come check us out).
See, touch, and feel all of our high-quality solutions for your maintenance and repair challenges. Or skip that and instead gossip with our crew about the endless disappointment Chicago sports fans put up with. Either way, we have an experience for you.
Fix it. Paint it. Build It. Drill It. Screw It. Ship It. It’s all happening at 621 E. Devon, Elk Grove Village, IL.  Come On In!  And for those of you who are a bit more on the shy side, feel free to call us at 847-616-8002 or email us at  (Our chat bots are waiting with bated breath.)