Pricing Snafus Explained

Hi Miller Friends, Fam, and Fans:

The past 24 months have been a crazy time in terms of costs, availability and other supply chain pressures.  (Understatement).  By our estimate this has impacted the majority of our 40,000+ SKUs we sell across all channels.  Our suppliers have been raising prices to us on a frequent regular basis, confirming the wisdom of rapper-turned-economist Fat Joe: "yesterday's price is NOT TODAY'S PRICE!" 

Given the scope and pace of price increases, this means at times we will have SKU# and pricing on the shelf and online that's different than our current database pricing.   We are working hard and fast to have to pricing updates to the majority of SKUs and prices online and in-store.  We apologize in advance for how annoying that is.  In the meantime, for our most accurate up-to-date pricing, please call 847-616-8002, or email  Thank you!

-Peter, Managing Partner