Alpha Fry 16 ounce Acid Core Wire Solder 0.125 inch Diameter Tin Lead 40 60 1 piece

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Brand Name: Alpha Fry | Container Size: 16 oz. | Material: Tin/Lead | Number in Package: 1 pc. | Suitable for Electrical Use: Yes | Wire Diameter: 0.125 in. | Lead-Free: No | Alloy Ratio: 40/60 | Melting Temperature: 460 deg. F | Water-Soluble: No Clean surfaces to be soldered by removing all rust, grease, dirt, paint, etc. Cleaning can be done with steel wool, sand paper, etc. Heat parts to be soldered with a soldering iron or torch, so that the acid core solder, when fed to the heated joint, will melt. Remove solder, then the heat source. Allow to cool and remove any flux residue with a warm, damp cloth. | Safety and durable wire | For electrical work | 40 percent tin / 60 percent lead