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  • Eye Protective --Working with LED lighting can have a long-term negative effect on your eyesight.This grow room glasses equipped with rendition lenses to balance grow room lighting that will reduce eye strain, mental strain, and overall fatigue.
  • Blocks UV Rays --Consistent exposure to high levels of UV and infrared radiation can lead to irreversible eye damage. Our grow room glass lenses can block out all harmful wavelengths, comfortable for eyes to flourish in a grow room environment
  • Plants Observation --High clarity to clearly observe plants grow status including leaves color change while light is turning on, no need to turn off light.
  • Extensive Use --Suitable and functional under LED lighting grow room, give your eyes the modernized and reliable grow room protection.
  • Affordable Price --Our glasses are competitively priced while high quality guaranteed.Your health and comfort is our top concern.Please don’t choose those ultra-low price or poor quality glasses,which cannot protect your eyes very well.

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