The Workbench


Are you looking to fix a leak? Want professional recommendations on cleaning supplies or DIY tools? Need assistance in painting a room? Meet us at The Workbench.

The Workbench is Miller Industrial's new program that allows you to schedule a time to collaborate with our team and our suppliers' technical experts to help you solve your most challenging projects around the house.


At the Workbench, there's no stupid questions. We're here to collaborate with you on your latest project, and give you the tools, resources, and advice you need to succeed. Instead of wasting time filtering through page after page of YouTube DIYs, you can sit down one-on-one with an expert, ready to solve your specific problem. 


Sometimes when you're in the weeds with a major project, you can only focus on the task at hand. The Miller team is here to think proactively about your project, pointing out potential issues and offering the answers you didn't know you needed. 

Walk in with a thorny problem, walk out with an elegant solution in less than an hour! All at no additional cost!