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Battery Cold Cranking Amps at 0 Degrees F: 4.5 CCA | Brand Name: UPG | Depth: 2-13/16 in. | Height: 4 in. | Maintenance Free: Yes | Packaging Type: Bulk | Volts: 6 volt | Width: 1 13/16 in. | Sealed: Yes Highlights: Model no. UB645 6 Volt 4.5 Amp 4H x 1.8W x 2.8D Terminal type: F1 AGM style (absorbent glass mat) Non-spillable sealed lead acid battery Withstand high current output and deep cycling Resistant to vibration, shock chemicals and heat Lower self-discharge Leak resistant UL recognized Replacement battery for emergency lighting application catalog ID: 40546881, 40094165 and 40546866 Will also work in deer feeders. Bagged | Outstanding performance, maintenance-free | Excellent resistance to vibration, shock and heat | Reliable power for critical and everyday applications

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