The Inception of the Miller Industrial Superhero

It started at a brainstorming session. We asked, “what are we to our customers and what do we want to be for them?”  We then conducted a survey with our customers using an outside firm to get to the root of how they view us. The leadership team came to the conclusion that we are great at heroic recoveries.  When there is a problem, we do whatever it takes to solve it. We save the day, we are our customers’ heroes, we make them look good, and they know they can depend on us in the future. We decided to exploit that capability and do it better and smarter. We developed systems and strategies to solve their issues and become their most dependable supplier. We became even more aggressive with our service at all points of contact with the customers, including the phone, the store, at their locations, in writing, in emails, in marketing, on the web, everywhere. We always put service first. Our customers would share stories of bad service and started to compare everyone to us. We finally created a message that felt right and the Superhero was born. 

Miller Industrial Superheroes: Tough Job. Trusted Partner.

                                                    Miller Induistrial tough job, trusted partner.

Our Superhero Efforts Include:

 • Opening the store (after it has been closed at night or a weekend) for a customer to pick up something they need so their production does not stop.
 • Assembling storage cabinets, delivering them, setting up with inventory, labeling the bins with descriptive bin tags, at no cost to the customer.
 • Making an “emergency delivery” to the customer’s location to keep manufacturing going within 15 minutes of the call.
 • Advising customers on solutions to save them time, money and headaches.
 • Keeping our communication lines open and our customers apprised of changes to anticipate their needs.
 • Greeting them by name, remembering personal information they share with us, with genuine interest, and treating them like a family member.

It is truly a top down culture at Miller Industrial.

“No matter how much technology advances with internet ordering, Google searching, Facebook friending, LinkedIn connections, people still do business with people they like and trust. Our team has become trusted partners to our customers and each other, counting on each other every day. I am thankful for each member of our team and so proud to have them be part of the Miller Industrial TEAM! They really do make the difference!”, stated Jeff Miller, past President of Miller Industrial.