Sam Miller

Vincennes Hardware appeared on the south side of Chicago in 1928. Founded by Sam Miller, a twenty six year old Russian immigrant, the store moved and grew four different times throughout its history. In the early 1950s, The Wall Street Journal credited Sam with the first ever self-service hardware store, allowing his customers to go behind the counter to touch and see the merchandise. In 1953, Vincennes Hardware became the 185th store to join the Ace Hardware buying cooperative.

Elk Grove Village Illinois orginal Ace in 1969

In 1969, Sam’s youngest son, Bob Miller, expanded the business to Elk Grove, Illinois with a large hardware store that catered to both homeowners and businesses from the greater O’Hare area. In 1986, a commercial/industrial store was opened in Elk Grove Industrial Park with products, services and hours that catered to the various nearby businesses. 

2011 Miller Indutrial fron 2

In 1991, Bob bought property on Devon Avenue and built today’s current store location. In 2007, Miller Industrial expanded its current location, adding 5,000 square feet of space. The goal was to create a warehouse on the floor-type feel. This continued the ability for our customers to touch the products and see the expanded inventory. The building expansion also allowed for an inventory expansion in both selection and quantities, allowing Miller Industrial to supply different needs from the different industries served.